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Tree Surgery: all work carried out to BS3998/2010 standards

Large tree removal:

We specialise in the removal of all trees, even those in difficult locations and in small domestic gardens, where the tree has become too large for its present location.

Crown reduction:

Should be done by pruning the branches back to proper pruning points, spread evenly throughout the canopy reducing the overall height of the crown in every direction.

Crown lift:

This is when the crown is lifted by the removal of selected branches and limbs from the lower part of the tree. This makes it safer for vehicles and people to pass through safely, and assists in allowing more light to penetrate through the lower limbs.

Crown thin and removal of dead wood:

Involves the selective removal of inner branches evenly throughout the tree’s crown to allow more light to travel through without altering the trees natural shape. At the same time, all dangerous dead wood and crossing branches are removed.

Stump grinding:

This service allows the customer to rid themselves of the sight of stumps rotting away on their property. We would always recommend replanting of a more suitable tree.

Hedge cutting and reduction:

Hedge trimming ensures the hedge remains neat, tidy and an attractive feature for your garden. This should be done regularly to train the hedge to look tight and full. Hedge trimming may also include the reduction in hedge height if required.

Wind Blown / Storm Clearance / Emergency Call-Outs:

We provide a quick, safe and efficient response to clear fallen trees. For urgent, out-of-hours assistance please contact Thomas: 07896 787 141

Tree Planting:

We can help you to choose a Tree that is suitable for your available space and meets your requirements; whether it is for screening, to attract wildlife or simply to add beauty to your garden. When we plant your Tree, we will provide all the necessary protection and give appropriate after-care advice to ensure successful establishment.

Professional Tree Surveys including BS 5837, Tree Inspections and Reports:

We are happy to carry out this service but highly recommend contacting Chris Simpson as we feel he offers a higher standard than anyone else in Scotland. www.informedtreeservices.co.uk

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